2021: Trends in tech that will change the game

At the time when the entire world was halted and everyone was talking about the economic slowdown and financial setbacks, there were a few Indian startups that showed really well growth. Ability to serve global markets, fallback options to worst-case failures, rich tech ecosystem are fueling India Startup growth.


The social distancing and new normal has shown that technology is not only a lifesaver for many businesses but also the driver of the future. Here, we are sharing the Software trends in 2021.


– Native Mobile Apps: Native development provides enhanced user experience when parameters like reliability, quality, security, and flawless performance on mobile are a priority. Sectors like Fintech/ banking, multimedia, and retail will focus on native app development for outstanding performance.


– The Internet of Things: A rise in implementation opportunities that will help people improve their quality of life, will result in high demand for IoT. Sectors like Smart home systems, Bluetooth trackers, car gadgets, point-of-sales beacons, IoT devices for manufacturers and plants, smart wearables for healthcare, and fitness. This is just a handful of possible use cases for internet-of-things technologies. IoT mixed with AI and big data will offer maximum productiveness.


– Artificial Intelligence Expansion: Despite the possibility of being used both correctly and incorrectly, AI will be the most powerful, affordable, and widespread technology.


– Big Data: Although cybersecurity remains a challenge in this field, the batch processing framework will be in high demand for social media data, documents, and text analysis. Big Data will also help in facilitating the research in climate change or medical cure to easy data governance and more natural language processing.


– Progressive Web-Application: With PWA users get a full-fledged and full-screen experience of the website. They transfer the app-like features into the browser window, thus marking a revolution of web development. A lot of world-renowned platforms — including Forbes, AliExpress, Pinterest, and Twitter — already make use of PWA adoption.


– Low-code Development: Low code development is beneficial for the startup, small, and medium-sized companies. By simplifying the complex programming language, it helps people to build new apps at a low investment of money, time, and specific skills.


– Cross-platform and Hybrid Development: Cross-platform or hybrid development will receive impressive results with minimum investment. With ready to go to market functionality, Cross-platform will become a major time saver and facilitator.


There would be many other buzzwords that will vanish by 2021 in the field of Software development. However, I believe the new programming languages will appear at the forefront of software development. The software development industry will only continue to grow in the coming years.

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