Accelerate Enterprise Document Publishing with Metapercept and Heretto

Heretto is here to help companies transform their knowledge, product, and learning content into customer and employee experiences worth talking about.

Their solution is a leading Content Operations Platform, designed to optimize creating, controlling, and deploying knowledge, product, and learning content for companies with complex products and services, global audiences, and detailed regulatory requirements.

Metapercept is the preferred Heretto partner from India, and Metapercept can provide a scalable enterprise content infrastructure built on interoperability and hyper-personalized knowledge. Heretto allows you to increase content’s relevance, accuracy, and personalization regardless of audience, medium, or language.

As a value integrator, Heretto-Metapercept provides a wide range of services to help companies take control of their integrated business planning and digital enterprise content management. We enable clients with concurrent planning possibilities and help them navigate uncertainties. 

Value enablement: Identify value and develop an ambitious and realistic case for change from business case building to benefits tracking of content. 

Information architect and strategy: Develop long-term information architecture, vision, strategy, and information roadmap from the content management system.

Operating Model design: Design a high-class user manual, how-to guides, and technical documentation across all dimensions of process, organization, and technology.

Program Preparation: Assist in structuring and preparing knowledge system to create best-in-class Developer Documentation, APIs, and Online help.

Please reach out to Metaperept Technology Services to learn more about the Metapercept-Heretto partnership and how you can leverage it for the benefit of your technical documentation or your clients.

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