Buddy up with a Technical Writer Program: My experience

The advancements in technologies have made it possible for professionals to work on skills with a full-time job. Time management is the key when you are juggling between job and skill training. It is due to the pre-recorded training sessions that working on skills has become easier.


Pre-recorded training is frowned upon as it is believed that it leaves no room for doubt clearing. On the other hand, instructor-led training gains an edge as it offers ample opportunity to clear doubts on the spot. Both of these training procedures have their own advantages and disadvantages.


Training with Metapercept for the last six months has helped in filling the employability gaps in my profile. In light of my experience, my preferences for the two types of training depended on my availability. A combination of both pre-recorded and instructor-led training helped in managing time efficiently.


Instructor-led training

In these sessions, it was possible to clear my doubts along with the course of development of the training. Two-way communication was further help in understanding the key technicalities. In addition, with classes scheduled under instructors, there was no room for procrastination on my side.


It often happens that time management gets difficult with passing days. It was in those days that instructor-led training worked as a motivation to stretch my limits and complete everything taught in class. However, some days it got practically impossible to attend these sessions. Therefore, pre-recorded sessions came to my rescue.


Pre-recorded training

Pre-recorded training is as good as instructor-led training when followed by effective doubt clearing sessions. In this case, the responsibility is greater on your side to keep the learning curve going up. One needs to be dedicated and committed to skill development.


In most cases, pre-recorded sessions were just enough to practice and build skillset, even without further doubt clearing sessions. These sessions offer flexibility to working professionals to grow at their own pace.


In my opinion, a combination of both the training sessions worked well for me, followed by doubts clearing sessions. Instructor-led training has its own perks. However, an efficiently planned pre-recorded training can offer more flexibility.


Furthermore, the assistance for assignments provided by Metapercept helped in clearing doubts, even at the later stage of the training. Therefore, more than live or recorded training, time management and accessibility to instructors for the doubt-clearing matter.


If you are looking forward to becoming a technical writer, join our buddy program. You will be given hands-on training in authoring tools and documentation processes along with a lucrative internship opportunity.

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