Buddy up with a technical writer

Metapercept has launched its buddy program for aspiring technical writers. It is designed for working professionals who wish to transition into seasoned technical writers.


Technical writing has lucrative opportunities in the near future owing to the rising need for bridging the gap between technology and its users. Professionals with good language skills and/or technical know-how can turn around their careers by getting into technical writing.


The global economy might enter a phase of recession. However, technical writing is one of the professions that is anticipated to keep growing over, at least, the next couple of years. The time is just right for people who want to keep on doing exceptionally well without entering a stagnant phase in life.


How can this program benefit you?

Technical writing is an organized field that requires prior knowledge of certain tools, style guides, etc. If one works on developing key skillsets required, his or her chances of starting early in their career also increase.


This program aims at providing both training and hands-on experience. The course of development is designed for nurturing technical writing skills in a two months program- one month for training and the another for internship.


We also offer placement assistance after the completion of the program. Our previous batches of technical writers are placed across different domains and doing well in professional lives.


Following are the few key features of Metapercept’s buddy program:


Tools Training

Knowledge of technical tools for authoring, screenshots, etc. is important for technical writers. This program will offer the opportunity to learn the latest versions of tools like Adobe RoboHelp, Adobe FrameMaker, etc. This will help the budding technical writers to build acumen that will help throughout their professional lives.



The assignments are designed to offer real-world experience to the participants. It brings the marketplace to the classroom. After effective training and doubt-clearing sessions, the participants are given to submit assignments that help them to implement learnings. This, in turn, further helps in clearing any doubts associated with the tool. Further, recorded videos of the classes are also provided to the participants for guidance.


Hands-on experience

The training period will be followed by an internship of one month. It is intended to provide hands-on experience to the participants. It will help them understand the DDLC, project management, etc. This is an excellent opportunity to start a career as the participant will receive a certificate for the same.


Post-program assistance

As mentioned earlier, the mentors from Metapercept will assist the top-performing participants in placement.


For budding technical writers, this is a golden opportunity. This field offers a perpetual learning curve, which interests many professionals from other fields to transition into technical writers.


Metapercept is one of the best organizations in technical writing training services. Training affiliated with Metapercept is likely to have a long-term impact on the writers’ careers.


For any queries, please send an email to training@metapercept.com! Enroll ASAP to grab the opportunity!

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