Case Study: Digital marketing collateral that helps you pitch your customer more effortlessly.

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CredoApp is a data collection and processing tool developed by CredoLab. After consent from the customer to access the device data, the App convert’s the smartphone data into credit scores.

The client’s needs are expanded to business needs that, in one way or another, are related to technology. CredoApp needs to access the customer’s device for data collection. The challenge is to keep the process secured and respect the customer’s data privacy.


The document explains the web application and mobile applications for various operating systems. The documents could have been more elaborate in explaining the process. Navigating through the document seems impossible and needs to provide accurate search results.

The illustrations seem complex and confusing to layman users. The style guide is not followed, and the language is an abstract concept for new and existing customers.

Service/ Solutions:

A close analysis showcases an end-to-end detailed information architecture that can enhance the customer experience- and help attract new customers. The document needs to prioritize all the keywords to make the customer’s search fruitful.


Minutely detailed documentation will reduce the cost spent on technical support. It will enhance the customer experience and help market the client’s business soar to greater heights.

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