Development of Skills to Pave Technical Writing Career Path

Since the beginning of the year 2010, the occurrence of radical transformation in the concept of skills development is a significant phenomenon. Integrating skills with knowledge is imperative for sustaining in the current scenario. The amplified growth in the use of tools and technologies across industries indicates the trends of re-defining skills required in the current scenario of sectoral competition. Since the last few years, the growing popularity of technical writing has been in the limelight as an emerging area of focus across different industries. Being acquainted and updated with these trends is crucial for successful growth in the different genres of technical writing. For those who are pursuing a career in technical writing, it is important to understand that optimizing the experience of readers is a crucial factor of considerations. 

IT, aerospace, manufacturing, heavy engineering, defense, oil & gas-for all of these industries, technical writing is an emergent area of business activities and occupational fields. In technical writing, clarity of expression and simplicity of language are the two important criteria for conveying information to the target audience. With the focus on technical communication, structural technical writing helps in reaching the target audience. The growth of business in contemporary times is hallmarked by the use of sophisticated technologies and tools. AutoML machine learning tool’s influence is likely to be stretched into the area of technical writing in the future. In the context of the IoT in technical writing, UX writing is considered an important area. In this type of technical writing, user interface copy is crafted for guiding users within a product and assisting them to interact with it. 

For being adapted to changing situations and scenarios, Metapercept provides the opportunity to up-skill on emerging technology, with its customized training.

  • For supporting the skills development of the technical writer, commenced a new skill package encompassing DITA-XML, GitHub/ BitBucket, JIRA, and specific authoring tools. View Course
  • For technical writers who are willing to pursue their career in the field of DevOps technical writing. This particular package is circumscribed into API Documentation, GitHub/ BitBucket, JIRA, and specific authoring tools. View Course  

Through these initiatives, Metapercept intends to emphasize skills development through programmed efforts and feasible initiatives.

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