Helping a FinTech organization by making their technical documentation easy for its customers

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The client company is best known as a free credit and financial management platform. It offers free services to the consumers such as free credit scores, reports, and personalized tips and tools to help in achieving financial goals.

The client offers a free app to download for iOS and Android which aids with personalized tools and features.


The client’s app documentation to navigate the consumers through the technical aspect of the app and the process of downloading seems very tedious. The app is very interesting yet the navigation to download and register the services seems monotonous and complicated.


The observation recommends that the documents need proper illustrations which would help consumers step-by-step with the process. The listing of important terminologies and a simple style guide would enhance the presentation of the document on the website.


Initial experience always determines whether the consumer and client will have a long-term partnership or would like to switch to other apps. A simple and effective guide would help the client in spreading their business like wildfire. As well as it would empower the consumers.

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