Why is Product Documentation Tailoring Important with the Release of New Versions?

Product documentation is imperative to impart an understanding of the product to its users. Without detailed product documentation, users might not be able to use the product effectively. It helps users to learn how to install, set up, configure, and use hardware and software. Some of the common examples of product documentation are manuals, getting started guides, and specifications. The lack of proper documentation can lead to added time and cost for support. 

With the launch of different versions of a product, there arises a need for tailoring of the product documentation that suits the interests of users using the specific configuration. Product documentation tailoring is a process of customizing technical documentation. The result of tailoring is that the product will be suitable for use by a specific target community coupled with the adaptation of a particular configuration.

The first priority while tailoring documentation to suit a specific product configuration is to add the added attributes and features to the document. The changes in configuration impact on the usage of the product, which must be given due importance. On the other hand, enough care should be taken so that no content is duplicated. The addition of explanations that are redundant or already available in the document should be strictly avoided. 

Once the above-mentioned information is taken care of, a technical writer must ensure that the following points are considered while tailoring the product documentation for a specific configuration:

Installation Process

The purpose of the documentation is to help the users. Therefore, it is insisted that the documentation process starts with a guide to installation.


It is recommended to include suggestions for editing the document based on feedback from users. This will help to represent the document in a better way.

Offline Availability

The product documentation should be made available offline, such as in PDF format. It facilitates easier sharing of the document.

URLs for Easier Reading

The whole document can be divided into different sections that can be made available under different URLs for each of these sections. Instead of reading the whole document, users can directly jump into sections that have answers for their specific queries.


Humanization of product documentation is the prime focus of the process. Every section should be described and presented in a way that meets the needs of the users.

Supplemental Documentation

Additional information that a user might require for using, including information about how to use the product with common third-party accessories should be covered in the tailored product documentation.

At Metapercept, we focus on meeting the requirements of our clients to best serve the needs of their customers. Therefore, we understand the need for tailoring product documentation for specific configurations. We focus on the fact that the documentation process should help users in using a specific product configuration without hindering the first version of the document. 

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