How to Select Document Template Design?

At Metapercept, we have published blogs on structuring documents. The document template design is a key factor responsible for enhancing the effectiveness of structured documentation. A template helps in conveying the message to the target audience in the best possible way. It ensures that the reader not only understands the information but also takes the desired action. 


We have discussed in our blogs that a smooth transition from one topic to another is necessary for structured documentation. It can be achieved by selecting a template design that suits the purpose of the document. The basic document templates in MS Word are added below for your reference:

There is no ‘one size fits all’ template for structured documentation. The purpose and type of one document can differ from another within the same organization. Therefore, the question that arises is – how to finalize a template for documentation?


Four Factors for Selecting Document Template Design

Following are the four major factors that should be considered for selecting a template design. It is safe to say that the template that checks for all these factors is the right option for you. In addition to this, if you have any queries about selecting a document template design, you can reach out to us.


Simple and accessible

The template you choose should be easily editable and accessible. The layout should be simple so that the readers are able to imbibe the information in a convenient way. Also, the template should be aligned with the publishing goals of the document. It should be ensured that the document template design is compatible with the output file type.



The primary purpose of choosing a template for structured documentation is to standardized the documentation process. There cannot be a single template that can satisfy all the document demands. However, the template you choose should bring some consistency in documents. The document template design should ensure – same format, same fonts, and same overall appearance.


Clear and concise

There should be enough room for bullets, charts, graphs, flow charts, etc. The readers should be easily able to understand the document. Therefore, the template should accommodate multimedia, visual aids, etc. for a lucid presentation of information.


Work your way from top to down

The template chosen should present the information in the way desired. It should be able to present both the conceptual information and tasks in a concise manner. The information should flow from introduction to more specific tasks in a systematic way.


Final Thoughts

Effective communication of information is vital for structured documentation. Template design plays a key role in this communication. Therefore, one should consider the documentation needs of one’s organization before selecting the template design. If you are considering a template design for your documents or migrating from unstructured to structured documentation, consult our experts. We have a decade-long experience in structured documentation for clients from different domains.

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