Is the success of a product dependent on its documentation?

Very often it happens that an extremely innovative and disruptive product is not able to impact its users with the expected magnitude. Hence, with the rising competition among innovators, it is important to stop underestimating the impact of effective documentation.


Technology is NOT SELF-EXPLANATORY! Your current, as well as potential clients, need to understand your product to harness its potential. You can’t reach out to every client individually to explain the scope and uses of the technology you have developed. It is for this reason that companies like Metapercept Technology Services are channelizing their expertise to provide top-notch technical writing services.


Once you identify how to reach out to your clients and offer them support, you must also understand the type of support needed by them. To illustrate, you need to first understand if you want to offer a user manual with all the necessary use cases, or a troubleshooting guide with workarounds, and so on to meet the user requirements. It is at this point that you must talk to the experts who can leverage their expertise to find the best possible solution for you.


After deciding the documentation requirements, you need to decide if you want to go for traditional publishing or online publishing, or both. Based on your target audience and geographical footprints, the experts can guide you into effective decision-making.


The aim is to simplify technologies to ensure their mass adoption. In doing so, you must also look out for other benefits, such as:


  • Lower support cost and time
  • Reaching out to a larger audience
  • Implementation of version control systems
  • Single sourcing of documents
  • Efficient segregation of content into different documents, such as user manual, online help, installation manual, how to do guides, and other technical documents.


At Metapercept, the focus is on offering the best solutions and services based on our rich experience across IT and non-IT industries. The vision that backs our endeavors is to open growth trajectories for innovators who are working to create disruption.


Our team has experience in the documentation for both IT and non-IT industries. This allows us to cater to any requirement and offer premium technical writing services. Our services, including but not limited to, cover:


  • Complete end-user guides
  • Quick start user guides
  • HOW TOs and tutorials
  • Tips & tricks
  • Online help
  • Knowledge bases
  • Concept and reference guides
  • Developer-facing technical documentation
  • Documentation templates and style guides to ensure brand voice and visibility


Do you have a product without documentation?


If you have a product that lacks effective documentation, reach out to us. As mentioned above, the documentation process starts way before the actual documentation starts. We will understand your audience and find solutions that can help you reach out to them in the most cost-efficient manner.


We not only provide services but also solutions to your existing problems. Therefore, let’s discuss your requirements first!

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