Is your technical staff’s learning process keeping pace?

Last year has shown the difference between people who kept developing their skills and executes the same and people who did learn but only from a theoretical aspect. Though more than 80% of industries are developing products to cater to the needs of the new normal, most of the people who work as technical writers are laid off due to not developing their skills as per the current trends and technologies.

Skill development programs have a fundamental problem, and so does the technology training. What is it? 

Organizational leaders often assume that knowing equals doing! Unfortunately, knowing is not the same as doing! Neither in life nor work. We know a lot of things, but we only consistently do a minuscule of the things we know!

Let me give you an example that knowing how to lose weight is not the same as being able to do it consistently enough to get the desired outcome. Also, you simply do not lose weight by reading a diet book!

Learning is no different. The fundamentally flawed assumption in training programs is that attending a course for a few days and knowing about some skills and tools will translate you into an expert in that particular field. Unfortunately, development doesn’t happen this way.

Would you like to develop the skills of technical staff in your organization? Do you want them to be an asset to the organization instead of becoming a liability? 

We at Metapercept Technology Services LLP offer a range of technical writing courses that will help your technical staff as well as organization. Beyond training, you can use our technical writing, documentation consulting, information architecture, content migration, and resourcing services to fully benefit from our expertise and knowledge of the best practices.

To speak to our technical writing services experts send an email to, and for all your technical writing training requirements send an email to

With Metapercept’s education and training programs, you get access to knowledge about the latest tools and technologies. We conduct a range of advanced training courses covering topics such as technical writing, API Documentation, DITA-XML, Information Architecture, and many more. We provide introductory as well as advanced courses for your technical staff.  

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