IT Outsourcing: The Key to Survive in 2020 COVID-19 Crisis

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Looking at the volatile impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on businesses around the world, it is now clear that organizations must take special measures to survive in this crisis. To increase their digital efficiency, control their technology costs, and boost their gross profits, organizations must outsource their business for a while.


According to the ‘2020 Global Managed Services Report’, more than 45% of global organizations will outsource in the next 18 months, citing security risks as the main challenge of managing IT in-house. It is high time for organizations such as yours to opt for IT outsourcing and partner with external service providers to run their IT business with some effective scaling and stabilizing. 

The Benefits of IT Outsourcing 

As a leading IT outsourcer, Metapercept Technology Services underlines the importance of outsourcing software development, technical writing, and other tech operations in today’s situation. Due to rampant downsizing, closed workplaces, and home confinements, the standalone efficiency of organizations in delivering IT services and tech products has dropped nearly 50 percent


Now, more than ever, your company needs to embrace IT outsourcing and stay in business during such economic turbulences. Metapercept sees IT outsourcing as an opportunity for organizations to stay afloat and gain a major competitive advantage. By outsourcing their IT business, organizations can:

  • Lower their in-house dependency 
  • Re-focus on core activities and improve customer support
  • Get more skilled expertise on-board
  • Meet statutory deadlines and manage internal risks 
  • Save overhead costs
  • Run business 24×7

In 2020, when most of your competitors would be compelled to shut their shops, you could stay sharp and carry on with your business smoothly, by outsourcing with an ideal technology service provider. 


Finding the Best Partner for Outsourcing Your IT Business 

Business outsourcing, however, can only help your survival in the COVID-19 era if you make more informed decisions in selecting your tech partner. Cost reduction is a necessary survival strategy but that should not lead an organization into a cheap yet incompetent IT outsourcing partnership. 


Metapercept helps organizations with business transformations through “smart sourcing”. It works towards improving the organization’s focus, providing access to industry-leading capabilities, reducing internal expenses and resources, and optimizing end-to-end business processes. 


Metapercept is an end-to-end IT solutions provider, specializing in software development, web development, technical writing, and IT training. By outsourcing your software development projects with Metapercept, you can re-strategize your software development process, improve product compliance, reduce time-to-market, and integrate more advanced technologies. The company delivers high-end web development services with adaptive scalability, time optimization, adhoc risk management, and maximum business support. 


For technical writing and business documentation, Metapercept is equipped with top-end tools and data models such as DITA, oXygen XML, and the Adobe Technical Communication suite, among others. With Metapercept’s technical documentation expertise, you can easily identify leeways for business efficiency and process optimization. The technology service provider is also recognized for its training and certification services. From online learning platforms and virtual classrooms to corporate training, organizations can upskill their workforce for bettering overall business productivity, especially in contactless environments. 


To navigate the COVID-19 barriers with confidence, grab this opportunity, and outsource your IT with Metapercept today!

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