LearnOL – Abridging Gap Between Physical and Online Classroom

Digital education has been reshaping the global education system for a decade. However, with the uncertainties that unfolded with the dawn of the new normal in 2020, it has deeply strengthened its roots in our lives. Although online classrooms have become a necessity rather than a choice, there seems to be a huge gap between physical and online education. Continuous efforts are being made towards the development and improvement of online classrooms to build and restore an effective learning environment.


LearnOL by Metapercept Technology Services LLP is one of the most proactively designed online learning tools that enable users to impart quality education. The solutions offered by LearnOL caters to every need that arises out of the gap between physical and online classroom environments.


LearnOL Vs. Other Online Education Tools


Effective communication is the key requirement of any user. Most of the online learning tool developers are working towards providing a seamless communication channel. However, the focus on offering an effective learning management system has completely deviated.


Online education tools available in the market have their own unique selling propositions and limitations. To illustrate, some tools have time constraints, some are not built to accommodate a whole class of students at a time, etc. Now, more than ever before, there is a need for a tool that covers all the features that are required for bringing classrooms to homes. In short, the emotional connection among teachers, students, and guardians is lacking. Metapercept Technology Services LLP is building an online tool backed by mechanisms that bring physical classrooms live on remote systems.


LearnOL – The New Age Online Learning Suite


LearnOL, an online education tool, developed by Metapercept Technology Services LLP is a comprehensive platform. It is designed to meet all the needs arising out of the distance between educator and students. Few of the salient features introduced by the platform that sets it apart from existing ones are as follows:


Connect with Students on Real-Time Basis


In a bid to bring back the essence of physical classrooms through digitization, it offers unlimited sessions. The need to rely on pre-recorded modules is eliminated for the users of the product. Instead, pre-recorded classes are available as an option for encouraging self-paced learning among students.


Regular Assessment and Evaluation


The tool offers options to set parameters and assess students’ performance regularly. It also helps the teachers to understand where the students are lacking or need assistance. Just like in a physical classroom, teachers can now digitally offer a more guided learning experience to students.


Guardian Involvement After Evaluation


The next steps after evaluating performances are not defined by existing tools. LearnOL has streamlined the next steps to be taken after the assessment is completed. The fact that teachers and guardians are equally responsible for the well-being of students is the foundation of the tool. Therefore, to encourage emotional connection and responsibilities, the online education tool offers a medium for the guardians and teachers to connect and discuss the results. It also paves the way towards offering personalized touch to students who need it, which is not possible in any other online tool.


Award System


There is a defined structure to offer awards and certificates to students. Users or educators can choose the awards they wish for their students depending upon their age groups. A wide range of awards will be made available even for professional courses.


Technology has a major role to play in the education sector as the world has moved towards digitization. However, the rise in the number of tools available in the market has not been able to bridge the gap between physical and remote classroom environments. LearnOL, on the other hand, has covered all the gaps to replicate physical classrooms effectively. Its features are designed and streamlined to provide all-round development and encouragement of students by involving both guardians and teachers. In addition, it offers flexibility to educators to impart personalized learning experiences on a real-time basis.


The product is designed to suit the curriculums of schools, colleges, universities, and professional courses. To learn more, contact us!

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