LearnOL: Right time to invest in the online learning platform

COVID-19 has unfolded a series of uncertainties in the education sector. It has led to unprecedented changes that are shaping up the future industry. The economic indicators suggest that now is the best time to invest in the education sector.


LearnOL is one of the key online learning platforms with promising returns on investments. The developers of the platform have taken every factor responsible for the gap between physical and digital classrooms into consideration.


The aim is to entirely replicate the physical environment in an effective way where all the parties – teachers, students, and parents – play their anticipated roles. Also, the platform is designed to meet the needs of every age group, from nursery to professional courses. It is proactively developed to facilitate the effective implementation of teaching practices.


Why LearnOL and Why Now?


Now, when we talk about education in the ‘new normal’, online learning platforms are the most lucrative investment opportunities. Online education was already booming with rising demand for access to global universities and distance learning courses. Developers of LearnOL have taken a leap towards the new normal while also accommodating the existing demands. Few of the cutting-edge features introduced in this platform are as follows:


It eliminates the need to depend on pre-recorded modules: With LearnOL, teachers can connect with students on a real-time basis. It also helps in nurturing the connection between students and teachers.

Pre-recorded modules can be used for future reference: While the platform frees its users from the dependency on recorded classes, it also provides an option of offering recorded videos for reference to students. In short, it only eliminated the dependency and opened a flexible way to enrich digital teaching.


Interactive teaching with assessments and evaluations: Teachers can assign regular assignments and evaluate them on desired parameters. The platform offers seamless two-way communication, which is otherwise lacking in other platforms. The aim is to encourage critical thinking among students and help teachers understand the psychological needs of students.


Deeper levels of guardian involvement: The platform comes with built-in facilities that connect teachers and guardians. It is very crucial to understand that both teachers and guardians are equally responsible for the future of the students. Therefore, LearnOL, an online learning platform, offers suitable channels to encourage communication among all the parties involved.


Awards for exemplary performances: This platform comes with options to choose from as awards based on the performances of the students. These awards will range from certificates to additional benefits or coupons for advanced educational access. Educators can choose from the multiple options offered to them and these options will cover all students – from kindergarten to professionals.


LearnOL is the next-gen online learning platform with a vision to improvise educational outcomes. The developers have exhibited high levels of proactiveness. It not only bridges the gap between physical and digital classrooms but also between pre and post-COVID eras. The platform meets all the demands of educators, students, and guardians – thus, making it a lucrative opportunity for investors to get optimum returns on investments.

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