Our expertise in Information Architecture helped a Telecommunication and Media organization in generating high ROI

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The client is a huge player in the field of telecommunications and media that enables their customers through the power of connectivity. The client owns different brands to cater to different types of consumers. The client offers high-speed broadband, ultra-HD video, digital advertising, news, and wireless services to a wide community of consumers like schools, hospitals, businesses, and also everyone in between.


The client’s service caters to a wide audience that is demanding and ever-evolving. The products and services need to be community-specific, customized and provide excellent technical support. The documentation has to be tailored according to different customer needs. 


The analysis of documents shows descriptions of the brands are area specific but lack the details of the services that these brands offer. The client’s services and product range is vast and need an appropriate keyword search to direct
the consumers to their desired destinations.  


Clients’ brands, products, and services need a proper information architecture that gives the vast resource a proper streamline. This will enhance end-user experience and give a boost to business. A well-streamlined data with an
the appropriate writing style will appeal to global consumers and help them create a global presence for themselves.

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