Outsource vs In-house- Which arrangement is better for a product company?

Product development and innovation is a continuous process. The evolving changes in customer behavior and preferences fuel the need for innovative user interfaces and user experiences. Therefore, the product development process is a highly crucial one for any product company.

The onset of digitization has led to an exponential development in the quality of the digital presence of companies. With a steep rise in competition, product companies are required to adhere to premium standards for maintaining quality. Otherwise, there is a high probability that the resources invested will exhaust without fetching desired results.

Furthermore, the changing times have led to a rise in tech companies and startups offering product development services. Most of these companies have gained expertise and experience in offering the highest of quality services. Therefore, it is common for product companies to get stuck in between the two options available- in-house development and outsourcing.

Key factors helpful in decision-making for product companies

For the non-tech product companies who don’t have much experience in development, the decision is likely to fall in favor of outsourcing. It is so because hiring a team of developers and creating an in-house facility for the development will cost a fortune. On the other hand, outsourcing companies, say Metapercept Technology Services, already have a team with rich experience. Furthermore, they are well-equipped with the latest technologies to fulfill the requirements at a much lesser cost and in much lesser time.

The cost-effectiveness of outsourcing is higher in this case. Moreover, in this case, the senior management is also at ease to focus on the core business.

Again, if the company already has a development team, few questions should be pondered upon to check feasibility between inhouse and outsourcing:

  • Is the team experienced enough to handle evolving consumer preferences like Metapercept’s team?
  • Are there UI/UX experts on the team? If yes, do they have experience in implementing iOS Human Interface Guidelines and Material Design Guidelines for Android, to say the least?
  • How much time would your team take to complete the process? Time is a crucial factor in business. If the in-house team takes more time than Metapercept’s team, outsourcing should be considered more seriously.
  •  Are your standard practices at par with the latest trends? Consult Metapercept’s team to understand how they provide quality assurance and adhere to standard practices. It is imperative to understand if the in-house team can offer the same quality, if not better.
  • Finally, how much will it cost for the in-house team to develop the product? Metapercept has a flexible pricing system. Cost-effectiveness is the primary concern in any business decision. Therefore, weigh both the options in light of cost and expenses to finalize your decision.

In either of the cases, a strong judgment is required so that organizational goals are met and profits are maximized. It is for this reason that all the factors mentioned should be analyzed before arriving at a decision.

Metapercept’s team comes with a product development experience of more than a decade. Their expertise is evident in the quality of work they have delivered so far. With such an experience spread across multiple industries, the team has the bandwidth of delivering quality services in a limited time.

For any services, consult us!

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