Product Development: What you should ask before outsourcing your work?

In the coming days, the rate of outsourcing product development is likely to rise exponentially. In recent times too, the act of outsourcing is quite common across all domains. It is so because the companies offering product development services ensure that the client gets the best product in its budget.


These companies that develop the product enable the client to focus on its core business. In addition, product development is the primary business for the company, expertise and latest technologies are easily accessible.


5 questions to ask before outsourcing product development


Transparency is the key to yield the best results. After communicating your requirements and expectations, it is advisable to ask a few things with the team. At Metapercept, we invest a considerable amount of time to make the clients aware of our infrastructure, workforce, workflows, etc.


Trust is an important factor for both parties to work together. This can be built by enforcing transparency while finalizing the project. Five questions you must ask before outsourcing to ensure optimum results are:


What are the standard practices for testing?


The scope of testing determines the coverage of testing. It includes the testing of each and every software detail. An experienced team will always have a set of standard practices they follow for testing the product.


The percentage of unit testing coverage can vary from product to product. So, it is better to discuss it with your vendor beforehand. At Metapercept, we follow agile practices for product testing.


How do you offer quality assurance?


There should be a tester in the team for constantly reviewing codes. The team should have definite guidelines for submitting pull requests. (The act of submitting codes in small batches for testing.)


It is ok if the vendor tests the codes in intervals. However, it should be made sure that the codes are tested before being merged.


Is your UI/UX design based on iOS Human Interface Guidelines and Material Design Guidelines for Android?


The vendor should know about the user interface, user experience, app design guidelines, and so on. This question will unravel how well-equipped the design team is and how updated they are with the guidelines issued by Apple and Google.


It also reveals how the design team works. In addition, ask for a UX design portfolio from the vendor. If possible, have your designer join the meeting to ensure a higher degree of transparency and understanding.


What is the experience of the team who will work on the product?


You should know about the expertise and experience of the team that will work on your project. There should be a balance between the number of senior and junior developers in the team. One cannot afford to have only junior developers in the team. Metapercept has an agile and experienced team of developers.


Is the pricing flexible?


Pricing is the key to all the benefits offered by the vendor. Therefore, based on your requirements, you should ask if the pricing is flexible. In a flexible structure, you pay for the features you ask for. However, if there are defined plans, you can always consult and see which one suits you best and ensures optimum ROI.


Dive deeper into the product development process to ensure that the best practices are being adhered to. It is not enough to know the features provided by the vendor. You should also understand the workflow followed by the company you are working with. Therefore, Metapercept encourages the clients to have detailed consulting sessions. For any requirements, feel at ease to contact us!

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