Rethink your application development if it doesn’t align with these 5 objectives

The business world has become hyper-competitive with the advent of the internet. Latest advances in technologies have pushed the demand for applications for reaching out to customers. Now, both B2B and B2C companies are moving towards digitization to scale their business operations. Therefore, developing interactive applications for your business can help you win the market and put you ahead of the competition.


Mobile Application vs. Web Application


A mobile application is downloadable from app stores and has access to system resources. It operates and remains in the device itself. On the other hand, a web application is accessible through an internet browser. It doesn’t need to be downloaded or installed. An organization can choose to have either or both of these based on its requirements.


When we say applications, both mobile and web applications are equally important for marking the digital presence of a company. However, depending on the nature of the business, customer behavior, etc. the importance of mobile applications can be overshadowed by that of web applications. To illustrate, an e-commerce website can’t sustain competition without a mobile application. However, for a construction company, a web application is sufficient in the short run. With changing times and advancing technologies, the construction industry too might witness a higher demand for mobile applications in the coming years.


Why are applications an inevitable part of the sales funnel?


Digitization has taken over the traditional process of engaging with customers. Now, with web and mobile applications, you can reach out to an extremely large target segment residing anywhere in the world. Further, the advancing yet simplified usage of analytics can help in driving more traffic through applications.


Therefore, the growth of a business through mobile and web applications can be amplified in the following ways:




Now you can reach out to customers using your applications, digital ads, and analytics. This helps in reaching out to a larger audience and a more defined segment looking for services you are providing.


Lead assessment


Based on your visitor’s activities on your application, you can understand the intent of the prospect. This further helps in offering a customized experience, leading to the conversion of prospects to leads. When a visitor registers himself on your application, it also helps in maintaining a long-term relationship for future sales.


Making personalized offer


Based on changing trends and buyer’s intentions, you can offer a customized offering to a buyer. This multiplies the chances of conversion.


Lead nurture and post-sales assistance


With mobile applications, you can send push notifications for sales, events, discounts, etc. In web applications, a visitor can also subscribe to your newsletters, thus amplifying the potential of your marketing activities. Further, you can also minimize support costs and resources by offering post-sales assistance through these applications.


Closing deal


In the new normal, buyers are more inclined towards online purchasing. With an interactive and intuitive application, powered by secure digital payment options, you can close a deal with minimum or no physical interaction.


These applications are also effective in reaching out to customers with marketing collateral and client services. Your sales and marketing team can benefit by understanding the queries and interests of buyers before interacting. This will help in pitching the right services to them.


Key takeaway


Web and mobile applications authenticate your organization’s reliability and credibility. Effective post-sales assistance through these channels can incline your buyer’s preference for your products and services. Nowadays the buying patterns have shifted to digital channels. Therefore, applications can drive traffic to showcase your products and close deals, and lead to conversions. We have a dedicated and experienced team of developers for efficiently and promptly delivering applications. Over a decade, we have served many renowned clients to meet their digitization goals. If you have any requirements or queries, you can talk to our team or explore our services.


Author: Ruchi Rai, Technical Writer, Metapercept Technology Services LLP