Software Development: Why Indian Startups are the Best Choice to Outsource Your Work?

Why is it that Indian startups are gaining an edge over others when it comes to software development outsourcing?


To answer this, first, let me tell you about the two most important benefits of outsourcing to B2B tech startups in India:


Quality as well as cost-effective work

More than 3 million students are added to the IT workforce every year in India. Therefore, the tech startups leverage their human resources for offering quality services at comparatively lower costs than any other country. The minimum wages in India are lower than in the United States and other such countries. It motivates companies all over the world to outsource their software development to India.


Faster Turnaround Time

India Standard Time is ahead of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. This enables Indian startups to offer faster turnaround times. Overall, this difference in time zones helps in boosting the productivity of software development outsourced to India.


How is the Indian startup ecosystem shaping up the global software industry?


The boom in the Indian startup culture has led the small-scale tech startups to enter the global market. However, the growth of these startups gained momentum with the adoption of the latest technologies. Pune-based Metapercept Technology Services LLP is one such startup that has evolved by adapting to advanced technologies.


Metapercept offers end-to-end technology services for domains, including but not limited to, BFSI, healthcare, real estate, etc. The organization has stood the test of time by nurturing niche skillsets among its employees. It has gained expertise in software development, technical writing, content management, IT consulting, content strategy, and much more.


Another reason driving Metapercept to supersede the global benchmark is the adherence and compliance to standards while providing the highest level of customization. It emphasizes hiring highly talented UI designers and UI developers to enrich client satisfaction.


What is in future for small-scale Indian startups?


These startups operate on a small-scale and provide end-to-end services to clients, thus, ensuring an emphasis on client satisfaction. Therefore, outsourcing software development to Indian tech startups will further rise shortly. The focus on client satisfaction is Metapercept’s priority. It is for this reason that the company has expanded its offerings to content management, technical documentation, software integration, etc for catering to every need of clients.


One of the latest projects Metapercept is working on is the real estate project management application. This web-based and mobile application will enable users to track the project timelines, expenses, regional insights, etc. Indian startups are resolving the most challenging needs of clients and offering premium quality IT services. Therefore, clients who are outsourcing software development to these tech startups in India are more likely to stay ahead of the curve and capture whitespaces in the market.


Software development constitutes a considerable fraction of the Indian service sector. The governments, both state and central, are favoring the emerging Indian tech startups. The startup boom witnessed in India will increase the outsourcing of global software development projects to these startups. It is due to the endeavors of small-scale startups towards the delivery of quality services and implementation.


Metapercept, in the last few years, has adapted to new technology stacks and served clients from multiple domains. Its offerings include product architecture, design, development, and testing. Besides, the client gets customized web-based and mobile application development services as a part of the package.


The dependency on an agile-based development model with increased ROI enables the organization to cater to complex client needs. If you have any requirements, contact us. Our experts will get back to you.

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