Technical Writer – A New Career

My Experience

In today’s technology world and times of uncertainty, it has become necessary for all professionals to be well-equipped with many different skills. The advancement of technology has changed the process of learning. It has become easier to learn a skill by attending online/part-time courses while doing a full-time job.

Courses conducted online have the advantage of providing pre-recording sessions to the students for better understanding, on the other hand,  instructor-led classrooms allow for clearing doubts face-to-face. Whatever may be the mode of instruction it results in achieving effective knowledge transfer.

As an unemployed IT professional and having some amount of gap in my career, looking for a new opening becomes very challenging. After researching on the net, I came across the Metapercept Technical Writing course. Their course offering caught my interest. With an online training facility, I was able to pursue the course.

Metapercept training conducts a Buddy program. This combined program offers students the to learn various technical writing tools, and document types and then take up an internship with them that can lead to full-time employment.

The Training Course

The training given by Metapercept was conducted online during the weekdays. The course introduced me to different topics ranging from the detailed process of DDLC (Document Development Life Cycle), the format of various documents, writing resumes, user manuals, learning tools like MS Word, FrameMaker, MadcapFlare, and style writing.

The assignments at the end of each week provided hands-on experience in getting familiar with the tools and writing documents from scratch. It also allowed me to work to a specified schedule.

The availability of experienced faculty through Whatsapp, email, mobile, and class chat helped answer my questions and clarify doubts. Further, revisiting recorded sessions gave me a better understanding of the topic.


The successful completion of the training in technical writing led me to an internship at Metapercept. In two months of this program, I have been given exposure to real-time technical writing work. Under the guidance of a mentor, I can actually execute written tasks of proposals, technical blogs, and the editing of documents.

So far, this internship has proved useful to me in writing technical documents with proficiency. Compliance to complete and submit documents by target dates seems to be challenging but possible.

Through the knowledge and work experience of this internship, I have found a new path for building a career as a professional technical writer.

If anyone is looking to switch or have a new career path or is interested in writing, come join Metapercept Technical writing course -The Buddy Program. Here you will be provided with hands-on experience with writing and authoring tools with an internship opportunity.

Credit: Archana Gune.

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