Technical Writing: The Need Of The Hour For Any Business

For a business to evolve and endure the test of time, it is important to document its communications as references or legal documentation for future purposes. Even though business organizations have understood the importance of technical writing, a systematic approach is still lacking. This creates room for errors and wrong documentation, which might affect the future course of operations adversely.

Outsourcing of technical documentation is one of the most common alternatives that organizations are following. However, some start-ups are offering technical writing training services for their clients. Metapercept Technology Services LLP has gained expertise in providing such services. The start-up has gained an edge by gaining experience in Document Development Life Cycle (DDLC). Technical documentation serves as a medium between professionals and users. To illustrate, API documentation is a medium between third-party software developers, Chief Technical Officers (CTOs), etc., and first-hand developers. Therefore, it is imperative to follow an effective design and structure to document information in an easy and concise manner. Metapercept is well-known for its qualitative assessment of an organization’s documentation needs and processes. This helps the trainers to deliver the best-suited training and guidance based on the prerequisites.

Why is Structuring Important for Documentation and How can Outsourcing Help?

It is a common belief that anybody can write. Therefore, the documentation work is allocated to personnel without technical expertise or professional training. This has widened the gap between the documentation process and meeting the purpose of documentation. Metapercept has not only understood the problem at hand but also devised strategic training modules for solving it. Based on the demands and needs of an organization, it trains and develops technical writers. Further, it also offers training for using different authoring tools.

The importance of technical documentation is immensely undermined. However, over time, documentation has emerged as a necessity. To illustrate, it is mandatory under the law to keep a record of legal documentation. In addition, when it comes to the communication of technology, there should be a definite structure or layout to be maintained. It further helps with the maintenance and version control of technical documents. Metapercept allows trainees to get hands-on experience with technical documentation to meet these kinds of particular requirements.

The rising focus on technical documentation is being witnessed in terms of quantity. Training technical writers with Metapercept ensures that both the quality and quantity factors are being considered. Therefore, training in DITA-XML authoring is also imparted. It helps the technical writers to reduce duplicity and initiate content automation.

Outsourcing Vs. Training

Metapercept offers both outsourcing and training services for its clients, and it is for the clients to choose if they want to outsource documentation or train their staff. Some organizations have a stricter privacy policy when it comes to documentation, while some prefer to delegate the work to their own personnel. This is why Metapercept started to train technical writers, to help organizations meet their documentation needs as per their convenience.

There is no right way to choose between outsourcing and training. It entirely depends on the client’s requirements based on cost and resources. However, with Metapercept, it is assured that quality will not be a problem for technical writers trained under the trainers here.

The need for professional training of technical writers has been underestimated for a long period of time. However, with advancements in technology, the documentation process has become more complex with maintenance and version control coming into play. Considering all these factors and more, Metapercept has started to impart its expert guidance in training technical writers. It has worked with clients from different industries and has its own team of expert technical writers. The aim is to equip organizations with skilled and seasoned technical writers if the clients want to develop their in-house teams. 

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