Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Responsive Website

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There are countless websites that you can find on the web today. They have a different layout, designs, customers or audiences, different products to sell, so on and so forth. However, the purpose of every website design is, but one. And that is to boost the business and generate the leads. However, with competition rising as ever, it becomes very important for you to make your website a responsive one. Here we are going to tell you what is a responsive website and, how will it help you to grow your business and increase your online visibility.
What is a responsive website design anyway?
Yes, we all talk about it but fewer of us actually know, what makes a website responsive one. Well, here is the answer. If your website is able to open and not go distorted (or difficult to navigate through), in any size or type of device used by the customer on which he wants to access your site, then your website is a responsive one, else NOT. A Responsive web design will enable the user to access your website from any device irrespective of its screen size. The display size will not restrict the user to access your website and thus your services. He should be able to open links, access information, make downloads or log-in and register from your website, through his computer screen as well as his smartphone.
Now let’s talk about why is it a key feature to have a responsive web design to build your website. Here are the top 5 Reasons:
• Responsive sites get Google recommendations and a higher SEO ranking
The most important thing for any website/ business is to be recommended by the Google that actually boosts the number of your online visitors. Google boosts mobile friendly sites as they serve a better user experience than the rest in the same niche. Responsive sites use single URLs unlike multiple ones compared to the unresponsive websites, which is something Google like. Also, the mobile phones now use a separate Google Algorithm. So if your website should not only be high on ranking on your desktop but also on the phone. And who would want to let go countless mobile users to not visit their website? Needless to mention, more the visitors, more the business.
• Mobile usage has increased exponentially
Mobile searches today have almost taken up the Desktop searches today. More than 60 % of the website traffic comes from mobile phones. In such scenario, if your website is not responding or interacting well on the phone or tablets, then the user will pick competitor’s site on first priority. Moreover, Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. have boosted the rate of mobile usage tremendously. So, in such dynamic online environment, one has to have a website that caters to all.
• Shopping/Buying/Booking all is done through mobiles
If you have an Ecommerce site that deals in retailing then you have to have a responsive web design for your website, because more than half of mobile users today use their smartphones to make payments, shop and book online and even watch videos and listen to music online. Only a responsive website can survive such competition in the field of online marketing.
• A responsive web design is adaptive and easier to maintain than two versions
There are websites online which have two version. One is the main site and the other is the mobile version of the same. Such practice simply leads to an inefficient web design, as there are multiple versions to maintain and update, every time. Other than that, a responsive web design makes your website adaptive to each device with a proper layout and content. You just need to update the content on one site and this leads to a lower cost of content management and Return on Investment (ROI).
• It gives your web site a future scalability
The best benefit of choosing a responsive web design is that it enables the site to support the ever so evolving devices and screen in future too. So, whenever there is a new device with a new screen, your website will be easily accessible on it.

These benefits are undeniably the key factors that will bring more traffic on your website, regardless of its goal and audience. So, choose a responsive web design and boost your business immensely.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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