Why Content Strategy is Essential for DITA

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Do you pick any book randomly for your daily routine? Probably not.

The most important thing before doing any kind of task is to plan. We don’t headstart from anywhere, we decide and then follow the rest. We have a plan to execute for better results. 

Similarly, in a company before setting and achieving the actual goal, planning is necessary. This planning is what we call a strategy. We will understand it in this article. But before that, you must know that if you are planning to use DITA then DITA content strategy is the key to success. 

However, beginners may find it difficult to go with the content strategy of DITA, but there are various sources through which they can learn about this clearly. This article will help you get every bit of DITA content strategy. 

Why Do We Need DITA Content Strategy?

At the beginning of this article, we read that unplanned decisions can lead to the degradation of a content strategy. Planning is the key to getting a successful business, and this planning includes a certain strategy to keep up with the rest of the work. While using Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA), your strategy must be detailed and specific for the DITA to work more efficiently. Along with this, the more emphasis on time, and resources are put into implementing the DITA content strategy, the more detailed output you will accomplish. 

DITA which is built on XML-based markup language for writing and storing your content can be managed and assessed easily. With this, you can reuse the content all over as per publishers’ needs. This makes your content versatile and intelligent. 

The advantages of DITA include:

  • Enhances Growth
    • DITA that defines an architecture ensures faster delivery which is possible because of a better collaboration process. 
    • It ensures that the writers work parallel with the help of the topic-driven architecture. Topic-driven architecture lets topics to reuse.
  • Reuse 
    • Easy reuse of topics in different projects.
    • As DITA assembles every structured content strategically, generating summaries becomes easy. 

Features We Need For DITA Content Strategy

Features for DITA Content strategy are essential for easy management and proper direction of the team. 

  • Setting a Goal

While starting with DITA you must have some goals. Setting the right goals is very important for content strategy. The content strategy includes a few reasons that you might use like to get easy access to the reusable content or your time, which can be utilized somewhere else than digging into finding your contents. 

Setting your goals means you are providing the correct statistics of all the investments that are your performance level growth, and transition; basically your success rate. This will increase your ROI or return on investment. 

After setting a proper goal the content professionals will analyze the content strategy of DITA implementation. 

  • Reuse Plan

The reuse strategy gives you an option of the DITA mechanism to choose or the level we want to imply. The mechanisms include a map, conref, keyref, etc. 

  • Metadata

Metadata is an important part while making most of the content with DITA XML. Metadata helps in the fast production of content. It also allows you to find the contents of any particular writer that needs to be reviewed. Metadata allows you to filter and search any content easily because of its presence at both topic and element levels. 

You may like to look into other areas for DITA content strategy like risk management, governance, and standards. Using all the features techniques, and mechanisms the content strategy can be built strong so as to create a strong DITA content strategy. 

Talk to our experts to redefine structure, or start the DITA implementation process in your organization.

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