Why I find it difficult to hire a good Technical Writer?

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Without any doubt – hiring a good resource is very difficult. A company cannot grow without good resources, but at the same time, any company would never want to compromise with the quality of resources.

In today’s scenario, hiring the best resource is becoming challenging day-by-day. For any small or big company hiring budget is always limited, and if that company ends up hiring any resource that does not contribute to the company’s growth, then it is really a bad hiring choice.
Moreover, when it comes to hiring a good Technical Writer, then it is more difficult.

Technical Writing is one of the most favored career options that has caught the attention and interest of many professionals who wants to switch careers.
Apart from the fact that Technical Writing career offers decent salary, what is the motive behind switching career to technical writing?

I would like to give a disclaimer before moving ahead with my thoughts: That I am not trying to share my critique about technical writing as a profession. But I am trying to share my insight, that if you are really interested in Technical Writing, then prepare yourself well before applying for the job.

If you have opted for a career in the field of Technical Communication, then always be ready to face the challenges. To start your journey in the field of Technical Communication:

  • Learn a new domain often and read more about technical stuff. This will develop an aptitude within you to take more interest in various technologies and domains.
  • Come out of the comfort zone by just writing for graphical user interface based software applications, and start taking interest in writing API documentation or Programmer’s Guide. Restricting yourself from learning new domain or skills will only push you back and restrict your growth as a Technical Writer.
  • Be a problem solver for your development team from the product usability perspective. The Technical Writer’s responsibility lies between the audience and the product knowledge. Developers may have developed the product, but your documents make the most impact if product document is good.
  • Prepare your sample work. This approach always helps an interviewer to analyze your skills. If you have signed any non-disclosure agreement with your employer, then create your own samples. You have so much technology around you that you can pick as an example to prepare your sample work.
  • Keep training yourself whenever required. Learn the latest trends, tools, methods in the field of Technical Communication. If required, face the challenge to work as an individual contributor, face the challenge to pick a job in different domain that you never ventured.
  • Try to have a hands-on with the product for which you are writing, because Technical Writing is not Creative Writing. A good Technical Writer can always be a true asset for a development team.

Do not just look for a job security. If you do not have a good job or you are not working for any big organization, volunteer yourself for an internship or be ready to accept the job offer at some small company. This approach will help you in learning and gaining real time experience. Moreover, if you perform well, then your employer may want to hire you because no organization wants to lose a good resource.

There has been a rise in number of Technical Writers, but I would advise that do not just take Technical Writing as another career option. If you are serious about your career, then follow the best practices. This approach will not only help you get a good job, but hiring for any company will also become much easier. Evaluating your skills will become much easier and most importantly, the Technical Communication community will have more good Technical Writers.

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