Why is the demand for API documentation rising?

Application Programming Interface (API) plays a key role in the advancement of any technology. Therefore, over time, the importance of documenting these APIs has gained much popularity. API documentation serves as the basis for improving the developer experience. It contains all the necessary information required by a developer to implement or use the API, such as requests, endpoints, parameters, etc. It makes it easier for the user to understand the API and work on it, thus, increasing its adoption.


While there is a prevalent rise in the demand for API documentation, some companies still believe in the notion that anyone with good writing skills can perform the task. This might hold true if the writer, by luck, possesses technical know-how. Technical documentation deliverables require technical writers with technical knowledge. Technical writers are in a better position to understand the purpose of documenting, which helps in building a reliable and effective document. It is for this reason that Metapercept Technology Services LLP has been offering API integration and technical documentation training services for clients who do not have their in-house team of technical writers. The startup specializes in building, maintaining, and documenting technologies. It has worked with clients from different industries across the world.


Technical Documentation – An Ongoing Process

Companies have started to realize the need for API documentation. Furthermore, it is an ongoing process that requires timely maintenance and version control. Every time there is a development in the API, a new document is to be saved that highlights the changes made compared to the previous version. It ensures that the developers can go back to any version they want for future reference. It also makes it easier to restore the previous version if there is an error in the new or the current one. All these factors emphasize the importance of API documentation and have led to a rise in demand for the same.



Companies are building their team of technical writers or outsourcing technical writing work to experts. Metapercept has been working in the same field for the past few years. It has gained an edge over other similar service providers with its experience and portfolio. The focus is placed on building an expert team of developers and technical writers for API integration and documentation. In addition, it also offers training services to the existing staff of its clients to help them learn API documentation. Training services offered are classified based on different levels. The sessions are designed to suit the interests of every aspiring technical writer, from beginner to advanced. The course is designed to train even non-technical people and equip them with the required knowledge to pursue API documentation.


Build Your Team of Technical Writers

As mentioned above, Metapercept offers training services that help its clients to build their own team of technical writers. The training is divided into three phases –



Before the training process, the participant is assessed. Based on his knowledge and requirements, training is provided to him. Finally, the last assessment is done to understand the industry readiness of the participant. Accordingly, post-training support is also offered.


Metapercept has worked with many organizations that want their staff to understand and perform technical writing. It also offers integration of API for its clients. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that the startup understands the niche needs of its clients and serves accordingly.


Technical writers do need to possess technical knowledge. However, it is now easy to train your non-technical staff to become proficient technical writers. Metapercept offers certification courses in the API documentation for both beginners and advanced writers. As a part of the training process, the writers understand APIs and are trained to perform API testing. Furthermore, it takes care of any additional requirements by the client in addition to API integration. If you have any queries, please visit our website https://www.metapercept.com/

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