Why is the Heretto turning heads?

Heretto is an end-to-end Content Component Management System for highly-efficient topic-based authoring. It offers a higher level of control over the content with robust and industry-standard XML.

Heretto offers strong structured authoring opportunities to technical writers that makes the content easily consumable. Further, it gives more control over the chunks of content. This tool has also proven to cater to the need for single-source publishing. One can publish a single content in different outputs, such as responsive HTML5, PDF, Word, etc. it is therefore already gaining an edge across the globe.

As a full-fledged CCMS tool, it is based on XML rather than HTML. This, in turn, has helped in creating a stable foundation for meeting enterprise documentation demands. It also facilitates top-notch integrations like Zendesk.

The field of technical writing has evolved with the globalization of markets. Hence, Heretto focuses on keeping up with the current and futuristic demands of the industry. It facilitates a geographically distributed workforce and also aids non-author views at a feasible price.

Advantages of Heretto

Some of the cutting-edge features of Heretto that comes in handy for technical writers are listed below:

In-built version control

This simple-to-use tool comes with an in-built version control feature. It provides the opportunity to compare versions, roll back content to the previous version, manage releases, and create branches.

In-built authoring tool

Heretto offers a web-based DITA-XML authoring tool for handling the collaborative authoring processes across the team to work on DITA topics simultaneously, thus helping in meeting the documentation project timelines.

Effective workflows

Heretto helps in defining an ideal workflow that encourages a robust review process within the organization. It involves commenting for reviewing while still maintaining the status of each content component.

Flexible publishing

With Heretto, you can either import CSS files or use an in-built styling editor for designing templates for different outputs. To illustrate, it is easier to modify a PDF output and export it to HTML for hosting on a web server. This makes it way more convenient to switch between PDF and HTML files.

Cloud-based solution

Herettto being a cloud-based solution, the tool is being increasingly adopted by organizations. It encourages effective collaboration, storage, etc. for efficient enterprise documentation.

Easy migration of documents from DITA, DocBook, MS Word, MadCap Flare, RoboHelp, FrameMaker, etc. has made it a more convenient choice to shift to Heretto. Users have been able to cost-efficiently migrate their documents from other tools to Heretto in record time.

Key Takeaway

Heretto offers an all-in-one CCMS platform with end-to-end solutions for all documentation requirements. Some of the features that make it unique are in-built versioning, flexible workflows, non-author reviews, branching and managing releases, translation management, etc.

Unlike other CCMS tools, Heretto has eliminated the need for toolchains by implementing a cloud solution. It means that updates are continuously and automatically adjusted in the cloud. It doesn’t even require the writers to go through the hassle of downloading applications as it runs smoothly on web browsers.

One of the reasons that have led Heretto to mark its footprint in the technical writing industry is that it is designed with a simple User Interface (UI) to meet emerging demands. It is an easy-to-use tool for documenting effective help content for any product. 

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