Workshop Announcement

We are pleased to announce a new comprehensive workshop on technical writing tools! This workshop is tailored to meet the needs of aspiring technical writers. The objective is to help these emerging technical writers develop the full potential of their abilities in creating world-class documentation processes in their organization and providing a model for others.


This workshop invites technical writers, documentation managers, technical communicators, technical staff, and others to build their careers in technical writing and explore the possibilities of gaining a deeper understanding.


Writing things down for others is an unavoidable part of the life of an engineer, a UX designer, a product manager, and, of course, a tech writer. Operations manuals, design docs, code comments, email messages, post mortems, etc. Tools, used to do so, will be covered in this workshop.


The workshop leads you through a series of pair-work exercises to improve the clarity, readability, and effectiveness of your writing. You’ll learn from experienced technical writers and also from each other.


  • Interact with faculty who have first-hand experience in Technical Writing.
  • Understand the tools to an advanced level.
  • Discover the possibilities to use the best tool area.
  • Apply the learnings to help meet your course outcomes.


For registrations click here.